Our "YOUTH PROGRAM" is growing. We focus on both Ballroom and Latin  dancing, so the youth class gets a chance to try all dances. Students change partners during the lesson. So if your child does not have a partner, no worries, no partner is necessary. We would love to add more young adults to our program. Please stop by during our class and get a sense of how much fun everyone is having as we're dancing.

June 7th:
We are very proud to announce that our first Kids program started off with a big bang this week! We have 5 girls and 2 boys and all of them are phenomenal.
They all did very well picking up the basic steps and as a matter of fact they were so good we were able to do some arm styling as well. 
The dance we started with is Cha Cha Cha - and we threw in a little salsa at the very end for some added fun!  Yes, there were a few right and left feet mishaps at the beginning, but it didn’t take too long to fix that problem.
We are very proud of our future little Stars  so stay tuned and we will have more to report next week! 
We will add pictures of our Dancing Stars next week on our website under our new section: "KIDS PROGRAM"
One little note to our dancing stars – great job, keep on practicing and be happy! J  and, a special thanks to the parents too - this would not happen without your support!
We are here because it is a Joy2Dance! See you all next week!