Workshops run for 6 weeks (6 sessions). Each session is 1 hour and 20 minutes long. The workshop is $150.00 per person. If you sign up for the workshop a week before the workshop starting date, you will receive a Free Pass for our Saturday Night Dance Social (equivalent to $15 entry fee). The Free Pass can only be used for our Saturday Night Dance Social.
Please note: If the workshop has only two couples or less, then the session duration will be 50 minutes long.

Private Lessons: Joy2Dance has a variety of private lessons dance packages. They are all suited to fit your dance needs and goals. Please call the studio at (908) 431-5146 or stop by, and we will gladly explain to you our private lessons dance package that will fit what you are trying to achieve in your dancing. We also have a program for youths , please inquire with us for a discounted rate.

Our Saturday Evening Social is $15 per person, unless stated otherwise.
In addition to that, we have a variety of wedding dance packages. Our first wedding dance package starts with 5 private lessons at $400. Our second package starts with 10 private lessons at $750. The third package is 15 lessons at $1100, and our fourth package is 20 private lessons at $1400.

Please stop by or call us for any questions that you may have...