We know how precious your moment is when you the newlyweds approach the dance floor for your first wedding dance together. It is without a doubt the most romantic and cherished moment of your life and wedding day. All eyes will be upon you, admiring and enjoying it along with you. 

At Joy2dance, we will match your wedding song to the dance of your choice or we can help you choose the dance that makes you want to move! We can also put together choreography for your first dance, learn a routine and make it a lifelong memory. You can learn basic movements, or advanced movements this all depends on how much time you can give and your abilities. We will teach you nice and elegant dance styles that you and your guests will never forget and we can also guarantee that you will have fun when you are learning it. The atmosphere will be relaxed and comfortable and you will look great by the time it is your wedding day. You can always count on us to make sure that you master any dance moves you want to learn.  Another important fact and sometimes overlooked is the size of your wedding day dance floor and the style of the bride's dress which definitely needs to be considered and tailored into your dance routine in order for it to go smoothly as well. Remember, dancing is fun! Forget about the audience and just share your moment as husband or wife. If you can be comfortable, confident and assured with your dancing, the rest will fall into place. After all, it is your magical moment to share together. We can also rent you our studio for your wedding reception.

We have a variety of wedding dance packages. Our first wedding dance package starts with 5 private lessons at $400. Our second package starts with 10 private lessons at $750. The third package is 15 lessons at $1100, and our fourth package is 20 private lessons at $1400.

Please stop by or call us for any questions that you may have.
Have a Great Honeymoon!!