Robert is the owner of Joy2dance. He has specialized in Ballroom and Latin dance for over 20 years. He made the final in many competitions across US and Canada. Robert is an exceptional instructor that has skills in teaching students of all ages and provides instruction for all forms of Ballroom and Latin dance. His attention to detail, extreme loyalty, and passion for dance make him an outstanding teacher. 

Ilia is a professional ballroom dancer from Belarus. He began dancing at 6 years old. 
Through out his career, he took part in a variety of dance competitions and shows where his love of dance deepened. 
He continued working with a number of reputable dance teachers including former World Champions.  
Ilia participated in many international competitions including US National Championship and World Championships. He is also a certified NDCA adjudicator.

Rebecca has been dancing for almost twelve years. She is a dedicated instructor that is skillful in teaching children as well as adults. Rebecca is an asset to students who are interested in the Bronze and Pre-Bronze programs. She has been competing for a few years and her talents have led her to make the final in various competitions across the United States.

Valentyn Shramko is a professional Latin dancer and a great coach. Started dancing in Ukraine at the age of 6 years, he reaches so many dance competition finals such as the Ukrainian Professional Latin Championships. Valentyn is also a winner of numerous Professional Latin Open Championships all over the world. 
Highly educated and experienced teacher of Latin dancing, providing Pro-Am competitive preparation and showcases for his students.

Kim has been ballroom dancing for fourteen years. She is an active competitor with the National Dance Council of America. She competes in the International latin dances and has been a finalist or semi finalist in most major NDCA competions including NDCA pro am Nationals and NDCA pro am world championships. Kim also dances flamenco for fun.

Juan Alessandrini was born in the southernmost part of Argentina. He was introduced to Argentine Tango at the age of ten. There, he became familiar with Tango in his home and soon after as a part of his Tango community.  He started attending Milongas and began his formal training with his younger sister under the tutelage of Carlos Espinoza. Juan began performing in festivals and various venues. It was at this time that Juan began assisting Mr. Espinoza’s classes at his academy and performing with the Tango and Bolero un-Tierra del Fuego and Saint Christopher Milonga. He has performed in multiple theatres and venues such as the “La Noche Mas Larga”, one of the most important folklore festivals in Argentina.

Laura's first ballroom partner was her brother over 16 years ago. Since then she has had both pro and amateur partners, training in the US, England and Italy. At the peak of her competitive career Laura was placed 4th in the US and 12th in the world. After retiring from competition Laura opened a Ballroom studio in Connecticut. New Jersey called her back home, however, and we are happy to have her join us here. Laura is a natural teacher, with a love of dance that is easily contagious!

Olga Burya started dancing at the age of 12 in her native city Lesosibirsk, Russia. Since her first ballet class, dance became a great love in her life. In 2006 Olga moved to New York City to study and pursue a new life. While studying English and working as a bartender, she continued learning various forms of dance from jazz and hip-hop to ballroom styles. In 2009 she discovered Argentine Tango and fell passionately in love with it. Since that day she has never stopped dancing tango and has gained true love and passion for learning and knowing more about it. Some of her trainers were Orlando Reyes and Adriana Salgado who helped her to understand the dance and build a solid foundation. She often travels to Buenos Aires to gain more knowledge of this passionate dance.
In April 2012, she won first place at the 
USA Argentine Tango Championship (Stage Tango Category). In 2014 Olga won first place in the Original Tango Championship in New York.
Olga is also the founder and former president of the 
Baruch College Argentine Tango Club
 where she was teaching different levels of Argentine tango classes.