Below are some of our students' testimonials. We take pride in what we do, and the way we teach our students.

The best place to learn to dance instructors are passionate about teaching Start...ing from basics.... need it or not... Dance floor is the biggest I have seen, no poles or distractions on floor. You always feel welcomed no matter where you are with your dancing. Come and check it out! -- K.S.
"Salsa Sunday, great fun! thanks Robert, Connie and all our super dance partners! see u all next sunday :)" -- T.C.

Without a doubt Joy2dance is a beautiful setting for dance – WHAT A GREAT FLOOR– it’s also a fun place to hang out – the studio has a nice down to earth, friendly feel. But the dance education is really what keeps me coming back!  It’s high quality and delivered with integrity.  At the end of each Salsa Sunday workshop I am amazed at how much I've picked up.  I know a small routine and have time to practice it!! Also at the end of each lesson, I feel like I have made progress in my dance.  I see that kind of progress in others too!  It’s just a great place for dancing – all the way around!!!  --  R. R.

I have been in other studios and have never seen an instructor so committed to his craft,he has a lot of patience and determination and loves to teach.He and his partner are very nice and make everyone feel like they are home.A good place to meet people and release some stress,The best that is out there.Love to go there.And did I mention the biggest dance floor I have ever seen.THE BEST PLACE TO BE.! Love it -- K. S.

I started with the Salsa Sundays and then went on to take the other group classes as well. They have a large place which is very nice. Excellent dance instructor -- P.R.