Unlike other studios, our private lessons are 45 minutes long. Our teachers pay special attention to the students' goals and progress.
You can schedule your private lesson anytime during the week and/or weekend (Day or Evening). Our staff members are very accommodating to your schedule.
Private lessons are the best way to learn to dance fast, because we focus on the student ability and what the student would like to achieve. Also private lessons are good to prepare the student for a showcase, or spotlight. Student showcases are held twice a year.
We also have student spotlight (Showcases) during our dance social night on occasions. Showcases are also a great way to demonstrate what you learn in your lessons.  
Private lessons will enhance your ability to dance much faster than group classes, and can bring you to competition level, if desired.  Competitions are regularly held both locally and country-wide throughout the year and provide a wonderful goal for dedicated dancers!

Please Note: Private lessons must be scheduled in advance and require a 24 hour cancellation period.
If you are interested in private lessons and would like to learn more about our studio, please call for orientation to get to know our studio and our staff. One of our staff will spend fifteen minutes to get you familiar with what we offer as far as dance packages. Our phone number is 908-431-5146.